Friday 20 July 2018

Ascension in Progress: Update 5

Earlier this week when I was meditating I got distracted – again! – remembering some very intense energy I had felt when I read an email from a friend.   The energy was extremely intense and it felt as though every cell in my body was so super-charged they could burst open.

Eventhough I was only thinking about this, the energy was reawakened and grew.  It kept amplifying until, suddenly, I felt my brain pop open.   It quite literally felt like a ‘pop’ inside my brain, it seemed as though my skull and brain had split in two, right down the middle.

I could see lights through my closed eyes while simultaneously I had the image of an egg being cracked and the yolk spilling out.  Then I could feel sensations in my brain, as if a surgeon was working on it and I could feel their instruments brushing against the inner edges of both hemispheres, at the very centre of my physical brain.  

The colours ebbed and flowed, and my eyes kept rolling back in my head.  This continued for several minutes, then, as suddenly as it started, it all went ‘back together’ again.  

I thought this was a fusing of both hemispheres to enable more blended, balanced and synergistic thinking.  I thought it might be a ‘one off’, so I wrote to Narendra and told him about it.  

Now here’s the amazing bit: I am a housewife in England; he’s a Vedic priest in Trinidad and Tobago, our lives could not be more different, and yet he had experienced the very same thing a few years ago!

So I had to post about this because, if something happens once it may be a one-off, but if there are two or more incidences, of anything, then there will be more.  All the weird and wonderful experiences we are having are part of the process of upgrading us, adapting us to crystalline structures and expanded, multi-dimensional living.

Even if you are not consciously aware of these occurrences in your life, the chances are that they are happening nonetheless.  We are all in this together.  We are all expanding and evolving together: where we go one, we go all!  

Each one of us has a unique gift, a unique contribution to offer, and when we put them all together, we will truly create Heaven on Earth.

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