Thursday 5 July 2018

My spiritual journey

I recently took a massive leap forward in my spiritual journey.  Well, I say that but the changes I notice are very subtle, but the story of the past fortnight is a powerful one.

For no apparent reason, I had the feeling I should email someone who wrote a blog posting I had really resonated with.  It turned out he was a Vedic priest living in Trindad and Tobago.  Don't you just love it?!

It also transpired that he did Vedic astrology so I had a reading to see if that was the reason my intuition wanted me to contact him.  It turns out... It was!  And then some!

I have written three posts for his website and if you feel called, you might find them interesting.  It was the week that blew my mind and blessed my soul.

And finally...!  This isn't an advertisment for Narendra, it is more to highlight the journey that we are all undertaking right now and signposting how rapid that journey of evolution has become.

That being said, if you feel so called, I utterly recommend Narendra, he is such a wise shining beacon of light <3

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