Monday 13 July 2020

Cmdr Ashian: You are here to soar

Focus Photography of Flying Hummingbird
Frank Cone (
The joyful new world, the bounteous new world that you are sense, that you feel in your deepest knowing, is the longing that drives you forward.  It is what gives you the courage to continue, the patience to forgive, and the compassion to heal old rifts and ruins.  

This knowing that beats in your heart, with every heartbeat, is the knowing of your sacred, divine immortal Self.  It is the divine that Is You, of you, created by you.  It is all you.  Soon, you shall know this not as a nudge, as a hope, or a belief, but as a life changing, soul-embodying expression of your Truth.

You are getting closer, and though you may see time as a line, and ‘release’ as distant, I wish to invite you to expand your hearts outrageously, to speak your words generously, courageously, and to let the love that flows through your veins, infuse every aspect of your interactions with others.

Love, and only love, the myriad forms of love – compassion, peace, understanding, forgiveness, joy, laughter, humour, listening, patience – is the key that opens the door; the door to your heart, the door to your soul, the door to your Ascension, the door to planetary Ascension.

When you are brought down, seek laughter, seek compassion, whether from yourself or from another, and then let the love re-emerge, stronger and more radiant than before.

Every knock, every low, shines and polishes your divine radiance even more.  It lifts your light higher, shines it brighter.

Yes, you have moments when you feel down, but that will soon end; that is a symptom of 3D life and the malevolent programming that has undermined your divine sacred nature for millennia.  It is all very soon to end.  

You are on the cusp, just leaning over, nearly at the point where you fly, where you soar into the greatest expression of your Self, a Self you never even dreamt was possible.

My beloved brothers and sisters, keep dreaming, keep resting when you need to, and above all else, keep loving. 

You are here to soar, and soar you will.

With very much love,


  1. Thanx for this Jen,
    Here is a return for you.
    Warm Blessings


    I search for a soulmate nothing less
    Someone to share my happiness
    Who'll take the dive so deep and far
    Inside my heart where angels are
    And this my dear shall be my quest
    But you may come please be my guest
    To wildly trade who we are
    Our blended lights will shine so far
    And at night when moon is full
    We feel around us waves that pull
    So strong and fearsome in their leap
    We're swept around and plunged in deep
    Tumultious swells of pure desire
    Blazing like a funeral pire
    We ride those waves with nerves of steel
    We cannot speak the things we feel
    Our surfboards made from shafts of light
    That carry us across the night
    But if my dear I look to find
    You choose to pass and stay behind
    I'll trust that when the time is right
    I'll find someone who loves the light
    To meet unknown, unseen, unplanned
    A gentle maid who'll take my hand
    And when I look into her eyes
    And we discard our sweet disguise
    I'll recognize your tender face
    The you that dwells within this space
    For we're eternal tried and true
    You can't leave me I can't leave you
    We might change scene, we might change form
    Our burning love shall keep us warm
    So if you miss me this time round
    Please don't sorrow, stand your ground
    Just seek your pleasure where you are
    You'll sense mr near, I shan't be far.
    Leo x

    1. Leo, This Is Sooo Beautiful, You should post this on a blog and share it: Let us Rejoice with the Fruits of Your Heart and Soul!!!

  2. Another lovely poem Leo, thank you. I wish you well on your path to meeting your sacred other; if my experience of meeting my husband is anything to go by, the universe works the most unimaginable ways! Enjoy the journey :)

  3. Sorry, I forgot to say, I thought the report was lovely. Thank you for sharing it.