Wednesday 22 July 2020

Divine Mother - The Light Night of the Soul

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My beloved children,

Many of you are awakening to the Light Night of the Soul.  You have all heard of the dark night of the soul, where you face the agony and pain of your wounds and your fears, of all that you have repressed and hidden from your conscious mind.  

It is a moment when the pathway forward in life is very unclear and you feel paralysed, unsure of which direction to go in.  It is a pivotal point in your evolutionary progress, entering into the dark night of the soul; as is emerging from it.

When emerging from the dark night of the soul – which is so much longer than one night! – you feel clearer, freer, lighter.  You have greater confidence in who you are, how you wish to be in your world, and how you want to turn up.  You have healed and released so much baggage that you travel freely and the path, however stony, is completely doable.

You must first empty a jug of dirty water, before you can fill it with pure water.

The Light Night of the Soul, is a much newer phenomenon among my children.  The Light Night of the Soul is when you are awakened, frequently very suddenly and abruptly, to the magnitude of who you Are.  

Skills, talents, abilities and knowingness that you have never experienced before suddenly flow through you like never before.  Energy flows, you’re on a high; yet, you feel alone, isolated, out of step with those around you and who you ‘used’ to be.

This, my dear children, is the Light Night of the Soul. In the dark night of the soul, you face all the shadow that you have disowned.  In the Light Night of the Soul, you face the divinity you have disowned.

Both are periods of ‘night’ symbolically, for they are about embracing what has been in the shadows, hidden, repressed or ignored.  

In both experiences, you are ‘dislocated’ from those around you, and even more painfully, from who you thought you were.  It can feel like a rupture in your identity, but actually, in both cases, it is an expansion into the next greatest, highest version of yourself.
So, how to navigate this new stage, this new ‘leveling up’, this new expansion?

I wish to suggest that you begin by surrendering your fears to me.  It may be as simple as: 

“Mum, I’m terrified.  I don’t know why I have these new abilities, how I’m meant to use them, and I hate how uncomfortable they make me feel.   
"Help me feel safe, help me feel the flow of love.  Help me surrender my fears to you, in the knowing that you will show me how this new journey will evolve every tiny step of the way.  
"I am You, and You are Me.”

We will talk more about this in the future, but for now, melt into acceptance, as and where you can, trusting that your blessed life is unfolding in absolutely perfect alignment with your soul’s plan.

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  1. Dear Jen,
    It's time to heal, so we can all experience the Light Night of the Soul
    Big Hug
    Leo x

    The Shaman
    In a cave there dwells a man
    Who heals the soul like no one can
    His method works and many find
    New strength of soul and peace of mind
    And when the day is spent and done
    When bodies soak the dying sun
    He ponders how it all began
    This gentle unasuming man
    He has no life apart from this
    He feels great joy though tastes no kiss
    No sons to dance around his feet
    No tender maid his flesh to meet
    But just to heal within his cave
    In fair exchange for alms they gave
    While lying in his cave one night
    His eyes beheld an awesome sight
    To fix his gaze upon the fire
    Of ancient master to inquire
    His mind remembers words he spoke
    They danced with faces in the smoke
    And there he knows with joy divine
    That he is of a different kind
    A race of beings upon the earth
    A wondrous tribe of Starseed birth
    Who live their lives devoid of care
    Their healing gifts they gladly share
    People wander here and there
    Feeling lost in great despair
    And he himself does reach inside
    Removes their splinters, calms their tide
    He takes away their pains of life
    And cuts their bonds of guilt and strife
    Then walks away from those he helps
    Without a thought about himself
    Thus the shamans selfless call
    Living life behind a wall
    No excuse for who he is
    We can't deny the help he gives
    So we must simply be content
    To just accept this noble gent
    And understand that in this world
    Amongst the stones there lies a pearl
    So let's keep our judgement on the shelf
    And embrace the healing, of ourself.

    Leo x