Thursday 9 July 2020

Xiaera: From weary to wonderful pt.1

J: Xiaera, hello.  Would you be willing to provide me with some assistance on a personal level that I think might help others?

X: Greetings dear heart, it is always a pleasure to connect and to offer assistance.  And may we remind those who read these words, that we are here for you too.  You too are invited to connect personally with us, for we truly wish to be of service in the upliftment of humanity on both a global and personal level.

J: That’s a lovely reminder, thank you.  I am sure others will enjoy connecting with you too.
X: Yes!  Now, how can our energies help you?

J: This may be a little long, but bear with me… I am noticing in my own life, splits with family and friends between the 3D narrative and the awakening narrative.  Those I know and love who are asleep and seem utterly unwilling to wake up which can leave me feeling disheartened, dragged down and sluggish, I suppose because that is there energy signature.  

There are many, many like me, who have loved ones in both ‘camps’, and to be honest, I’m not willing to cease interacting with my loved ones just because they don’t see the world the same way as me, but I know it is so draining.

X: Thank you, dear heart, for bringing this to our attention.  Yes, there are many who are feeling ‘torn between worlds’, if you will.  It is like the early explorers who set sail around the world, knowing deep inside they would not fall off the edge, but also there was that tiny worry, those little voices of loved ones who thought it might just happen.

So, to be more practical, how do you sustain yourselves in these times?  And how do you heal the heartbreak of words and actions from cherished loved ones who are shrouded in fear?

J: Yes!

X: I wish I could give you an easy solution.  There is not one at present.  The shake up in society is so deep, drawing all the way back through ancestral lines and millennia of history, that an ‘easy’ reset is not possible.  I understand that it is of limited comfort when we tell you that we are with you, shining light and love towards you all, to make the process as easy as we can.

On a practical level, the focus has to be on diligent self-care.  We are not your saviours; you are your saviours.  You are your Higher Selves, in physical form, at this time, in this exact moment, to complete the transition.  

It is crucial that you develop strong self-care rituals and boundaries.  There are so many energetics flying around that you need to be diligent in spiritual ‘hygiene’, clearing yourselves of energy forms that attach to you and of words said that undermine your sense of personal power and fortitude in the world.

Expect that nothing will be as you imagine it.  Let go of everything.  


Ideas of how people will behave, of where you will live, of your work will be… all institutions and structures are being crumbled from underneath their foundations at present.  It may seem as though they are still standing, but they will crash suddenly and seemingly – to those with 3D glasses on – without warning.  

You, the brave and the wise, are aware that you are balancing differing world views, as if with two feet on two different icebergs.  It is exhausting physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
Prioritising self-care is of crucial importance. It is practicing your divine authority.  It is also the practice of alchemy, transforming lower vibrations into higher vibrations that uplift all.

J: Yes, but I’m finding it so hard to almost say nothing that will upset family and friends.

X: Then say nothing.  Sometimes those closest to you will not be ‘switched on’ by you, it will be someone else.  However, that is not to say that you did not lay down the foundation for that ‘aha moment’.  You are looking for change, where it is not yours to seek.  Let go of expectations.  Then you are free to observe what is actually happening around you. Changes that are taking place subtly. 
Waiting for big events will also drag you down.  They will happen, but waiting… that is draining.  

Being - practicing love in the small moments, with no expectation of a return, of gratitude or even of understanding - but simply for its own sake, for how it makes you feel to create beauty and kindness around you… that is the pathway for many light holders at this time.  

Every action, word and thought that springs from love, is tipping the balance closer and closer to the breakthrough events you are waiting for… but don’t wait.  Create love in action: in your actions.


  1. Dear Jen,
    I loved your post, it is very appropriate, meaningful, and soul provoking.
    I personally become a recluse by choice, in order to escape from the insanity of the world and the behaviour of those around me. I was very fortunate because my family members thought I was having so-called mental health problems, especially when I left a very lucrative job and started to live on a shoe string budget in order to cast off what no longer served me and to follow my path. Thankfully I was abandoned by all my former associates, and most of my family.
    But that being said I truly understand how everybody must be feeling about the splitting apart.
    I had to lose everything and face annihilation, it was part of my pre-ordained path. But now everything effortlessly flows to me, and my life has become naturally self-sustaining. Indeed I went from weary to wonderful.
    Warm Blessings
    Leo x

    PS. May I take the liberty of sharing another one of my poems in return?

    My Treasure.
    I've finally found my treasure
    I truly had to dig,
    For in the most surprising place
    securely it was hid

    For I was searching outside
    but much to my surprise,
    I always had it with me
    for I carried it inside

    My heart it is a portal
    that opened to my soul,
    And to get it to emerge
    now this became my goal

    My soul was very shy
    for my ego always reigned,
    So to get to see its face
    I really had to change

    I organised my life
    so I could be alone,
    No TV or a radio
    or a telephone

    For spending time in solitude
    it was the only way,
    For only in the silence
    does the soul return to stay

    Slowly from the shadows
    my soul it did emerge,
    I felt within my body
    such a power surge

    An ancient song remembered
    by my soul I have been kissed,
    We're so entwined together now
    that neither do exist

    My live's no longer ruled
    by the shiny claims of men,
    For now I've found my treasure
    I can't be fooled again.

    Leo x

  2. Leo, your poetry is wonderfully insightful and expressive. I do hope you have a blog or perhaps an instagram account on which you can share it with others as it truly is a blessing. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    1. Dear Jen,
      Thank you my lady for your kind words, I am most appreciative that you deem my poems a blessing.
      I have no blog, or instagram to share my poems, but if you deem it appropriate, I will gladly share with you.
      Warm Blessings
      Leo x

      Celestial Journey
      I think I'll leave my body
      and fly just like a balloon,
      Then hide from worldly worries
      on the dark side of the moon

      But there's one thing that I need
      before I float off in the blue,
      I need a sky companion
      and I want it to be you

      We'll fly beyond the storm clouds
      and watch from up above,
      Then glide right through a rainbow
      and feel each others love

      You'll shower in the stars at night
      in a special place,
      I'll dry you with a comets tail
      and gently kiss your face

      Lucid shifting landscapses
      changing every day,
      We'll hug and spin together
      across the Milky Way

      The moon will wane before us
      hung in heavens height,
      For there's nothing that can challenge
      our spirits endless flight

      Venus shines upon us
      beaming her devotion,
      Our dreamy, drifting dalliance
      in nights celestial ocean

      I'll write you lovers poetry
      and you shall be my muse,
      Andromeda and Orion
      will oversee our cruise

      We'll sleep with clouds as pillows
      and rest our angel wings,
      Then fly like magic love birds
      and slide round Saturns rings

      And should we tire of drifting
      with the stars all floating by,
      We'll hook onto a meteor
      and soar across the sky

      Please take my hand, come fly with me
      we're headed past the sun,
      We're flying till we find the place
      where two souls merge as one.

      Leo x