Friday 24 July 2020

Divine Mother - How to free your Self

Ocean Wave
Simon Clayton (

My beloved children, in every moment of ‘time’ on your planet, there is a zeitgeist, the spirit of the moment, the theme of that period of time.
In this time, the theme is releasing; it is the pathway to the freedom of your divine Self, and global ascension. You can see this play out on the world stage in many ways and, if you could see it, you would know that it is even playing out on the galactic stage at present, albeit in a far more graceful manner!

But right now, what I wish to address is release at the personal level.  I have previously spoken of the Light Night of the Soul, when your awareness of your divine essence, and the extended abilities that brings with it, suddenly explodes into your consciousness.  Release is the alchemist in this process.

So long as you remain locked in your ideas of who you are and how you are, you are living in a cage.  Free yourself!  

The ideas you hold about yourself were, in large part, formed by your parents, who were themselves hurt and fragmented by life; by family and peers, who were also equally hurt and fragmented; and by a media that wished to dumb you down and keep you small.  None of that, but none of it, was ever remotely true.

The purpose of your life is to free yourself from the bondage of those painful distortions about who you are, and to free yourself to become the physical embodiment of your divine self. 

There is no doubt, but it is a very arduous life assignment to free oneself and to ascend in physical form, while trying to pay the rent, look after family members, clean, cook, listen, heal, nourish and nurture those around you; and if you have time left over, maybe even yourself.

You can see why this was an assignment only granted to the strongest and the bravest.

Life is changing, both within and without.  I say that not to be facile, but to point out that change requires release.  Within this condensed, compressed ascension process that you are experiencing and manifesting, release is the alchemist that frees your Self. 

Release frees you from the false, illusory cages in which you have been trapped, it frees your soul to dance in your waking consciousness, and it frees your divine Self to coexist consciously, transcendentally in your every day life.

Change can only occur – whether inside you or outside you – when you release what was.  Nothing is permanent, not time, not homes, jobs, partners, nor jobs.  

Every time you notice yourself thinking:

I must…
I should…
I need to…
I can’t…
I have to…

You have moved out of the flow.  You have returned back to the pre-programmed cage.  Release yourself from that cage, for it does not serve you; indeed, it cannot hold the magnitude of who you are, except and unless, you chose to make yourself as small as that idea, that cage.

So, in practical terms, how do you do that?  

“I can choose to…”

Now you may do the same action as you were going to do when you thought ‘I must…’, but the energy is different.  You have expanded beyond its grip and brought in new light.  

Over time, and not a lot of time, you will discover that ‘can choose’ is like a lever to freedom.  It creates space, it invites life and light, it is gentle on your precious self.

You can choose.

With all my love to you, my beloved.


  1. Where is part IV of Xiaera?

    1. Hello, thank you for your very good question. The fourth channel in the series was from Ashian, but I felt that the subject had got a bit laboured by the then, so I looked at it again to see if there was a fresher lens to view the channel.

  2. Dear Jen
    Thank you once again, something very positive and unexpected is going to happen at the end of the year. I am not at liberty to say anymore, except just ride the next 5 months out and trust the plan.
    In the meantime could I please share another Goddess poem about my awakening with you.
    Warm Blessings
    Leo x

    No Longer on the Battlefield
    No longer on the battlefield
    From higher ground my vision yields
    I see the chaos down below
    Upon this scene my love does flow
    For I myself was once there to
    Embroiled in battle this is true
    But came the day I'd had enough
    I couldn't face lifes bitter cup
    I screamed and cursed, I cried and prayed
    My inner child child awoke dismayed
    The Goddess hugged my forlorn child
    Infused the love I was denied
    She kissed my tears, she calmed my tide
    She swept my dreams of fear aside
    The Goddess now become my bride
    I feel her presence from inside
    My love filled eyes now see truth
    I have no need of further proof
    No longer on the battlefield
    I've buried both my sword and shield.
    Leo x

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    1. Thank you for your lovely poem, Leo. I do hope you are right, we could all use a lift!

    2. Dear Jen,
      This touches upon what will be transpiring, but without giving any specific intell that the dark can utilize to their advantage. I hope this uplifts you.
      Warm Blessings
      Leo x

      Ashtar: We See the end of the year being an important turning point where some, but not all, of the 2020 issues will come to a close. There will be much resolution, there will be greater peace.
      The issues of humanity will not be fully behind you as you come into 2021, but it will be very different than what it looks like now. It will be far better, far calmer, far more peaceful, and many, many humans will have awakened in the process.

    3. I do hope so, I think we could do with a break!


  4. Dear Jen,
    I am now going off grid, therefore I wish to share a final poem with you. It was the very last poem that I wrote.
    I was having an afternoon nap and during the nap I had a vision.
    A scroll was unrolled by a pair of hands and shown to me, it clearly had written on it the following words --- TO PASS THROUGH THE GATES OF KNOWING YOU HAVE TO PASS THROUGH YOURSELF.
    As I awoke I went to my journal and smoothly penned the following poem.
    From my heart to yours
    Leo x

    The Gates of Knowing
    Passing through the gates of knowing
    With no sign of baggage showing
    To KNOW THYSELF both inside out
    Form and formless with no doubt
    Stripped down to our purest essence
    No mind, just our quantum presence
    To leave all judgement on the shelf
    Returning back home through ourself

    The Galactics have something rather tastey that they are going to be serving up for the Winter Solstice :0)
    See you on the flipside
    Leo x

  5. Good luck on your voyage within, Leo. In opening up the space within yourself, you open up and make more accessible that pathway for all. Each one of us has a unique offering to make at this time and I look forward to hearing how your journey evolved on the other side!

    1. One For The Road
      Standing firm no compromise
      The hero I now recognize
      A seasoned warriors now emerged
      Through loves fire has been purged
      I'm here to blaze a trail to freedom
      I volunteered for that reason
      Timelines cross and interbreed
      Forgotten memories are retrieved
      The new world sings it's melody
      A pheromone so sweet to me
      The 5D portals drawing near
      My pure intent is crystal clear
      The underworld it now awaits
      My boat ride through familiar gates
      A kiss from Isis, smiles of knowing
      Tears of love are freely flowing
      I close my eyes and sail away
      From matrix life it's time to stray
      Taking treasures for my soul
      Accomplishing my earthly goal
      Leo x

    2. Another wonderful sharing. Thank you Leo and good travels