Friday 17 July 2020

Yeshua - Pathways of love

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My dearest brothers and sisters,
I knew I was fulfilling my purpose, I was clearing the way for the light.  It was hard, I will not deny that, but it was the fulfillment of my purpose, my mission in this life: the expansion of love, of compassion and forgiveness.

Truly this is a wonderful time to be alive, even if you may currently doubt it.  You have seen that in the moments of greatest emotional torment in my life, through periods of grief, betrayal and upset, I was living my greatest promise to the Father/Mother/One.

It was that journey that opened me up fully, finally, completely to the joy of surrender to my path and, although it was painful, there was an inner energy, an inner grace, an inner love that sustained me in those darkest hours.

There are many pathways of love.  Love comes in so many forms that expand infinitely beyond the romantic love that is over-dramatised in your media these days.

Consider divine universal love; you see that in the way birds fly, leaves sprout, water flows... You also see it in the kindness that abounds in nature.  Nature heals because it is the divine essence made manifest: just as you are.

Universal love can also be experienced in moments of deep connection, whether that is through music, meditation, movement, creation, reading divinely inspired words, being in nature...  There are many pathways of love, to love and through love.

Indeed, every positive emotion has to include a vibration of love, for every positive emotion is building the pathway to unified love and conscious oneness with All That Is.

Never before have the many and various vibrations of love - universal love, romantic love, parental love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, humour - been so potent as they are now.  They are the building blocks of the higher dimensions.

Walk the pathways of love, notice the infinite shades and nuances of love, nurture the journey.  Yes, these are difficult, challenging times but, my dearest beloved brothers and sisters, you are walking my path.   You are on the final journey home, just as I was.

I am with you in every moment.  I stand with you.  I support you and love you beyond measure.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jen,
    Lovely post my Lady.
    Here is a Goddess poem in return :0)
    Leo x

    Sun Kissed Meadow
    Full of beauty blessed with grace
    The sunlight danced upon your face
    It filtered through your golden hair
    And I could only stand and stare
    Your smile caressed by silken strands
    You gazed upon the verdant land
    The day was warm soft and calm
    Around your waist I slid my arm
    I felt your form against my chest
    As into me you gently pressed
    Then you turned your lips met mine
    Our bodies slowly did intwine
    A kiss of love, a kiss so true
    I felt I was at one with you
    In that meadow there we lay
    On that perfect sunkissed day
    We knew our hearts belonged together
    I pledge my love to you forever

    Leo x