Sunday 12 July 2020

Xiaera: From weary to wonderful pt.3

J: How do we ‘cope’ when our loved ones seem determined to remain 3D?

X: Thank you for your question Jennifer.  May I ask, who do you wish to control?  And why?

J: Ouch!  Good point.  It’s not about control (hmmmm…) I had seen it more as ‘saving’ people, as helping them get the most from this time, as helping them to see.

X: Your soul cannot dictate or determine the growth, the timing and the trajectory of any other soul.  Everyone, whether human or Galactic, is here now to learn the lessons and share the experiences set up in agreement with their Higher Selves – not you.

J: Yes, excellent point.  It can be painful though, and frustrating.

X: Frustrating only because you are pushing against what IS, All That Is.  Painful, is part of your lesson in letting go, in honouring the supreme divinity of the other, just as you would have them honour you.

J: Again, very true.

X: To focus on others and their journey, however well intentioned, is to lose the focus on your Now Moment, the Present.  Who you are, How you are… this is your job.  This is your sacred promise, and the level of compassion, commitment and love that you bring to your present moment – whether it is communing with me or washing the dishes – is what creates grace and ease for All humans.

Humans are not familiar with the quantum level and how the quality of seemingly minute actions can have untold consequences.  Focus on making your minute thoughts, words and actions as loving as you can and you will be accessing quantum change for all, in quantum timing, not linear timing.

Remember, dearest ones, the language of now is Love.  Anything that is aligned with love increases the harmonic, the coherence of the Ascension.

J: Lovely, thank you so much.


  1. Dear Jen, I feel guided to share this with you.

    Blessings Leo x

  2. Lovely explanation. Thank you for sharing Leo.