Thursday 1 October 2009

Life's about the journey, not the outcome

This morning a feather floated past my window. I love signs. Whenever I see rainbows or white feathers, I take notice because I feel they are blessings. To me they are signs that I am not alone and that good luck is coming my way. I’ve never seen a white floating feather before, normally I find them in strange places so this is a Super Sign!

It's normal to feel a bit down after holidays, especially when it was a great holiday. So I'm normal! I came back and found that several projects I'd been working on which I had thought would evolve hadn't changed at all.

Sometimes it feels so frustrating to put in the time and effort and still fail to get the breaks. And I know I'm not alone with this. We all have those moments.

So last night I went to bed early. I'd had enough! As I lay there annoying the Universe with my 'Why? Why? Why?' questions I had a moment of insight. I wanted things to work at my speed but my impatience is actually getting in the way because it is constricting the flow of life, of energy and of passion.

I'm looking for outcomes, I'm not living the journey.

Enjoy this time
was the message I got. Have fun! Just live it and trust the results will manifest at the right moment rather than my moment. And there’s a big difference between those two moments!

So that helps … to some degree. And there's also a big difference between understanding and doing. Or even understanding and being…

Goal-oriented 'grown ups' in our society are trained out of having fun, out of enjoying the process. So I'm willing to grow back down again! To see the fun in my projects rather than the outcomes: I'm sure I remember how to have fun…!

PS Just to be clear, it was just a small feather and not a white peacock that floated past the window!


  1. Thansk for hte lovely reminder Jen. Yes I have spent nearly 60 years pushing for things to happen at my speed and realsie it really was not necessaray at all adn pushed out a lot of pleasure in the moment.

  2. Thanks for that Georgeanne. I'm only just beginning to learn it myself... Arrogent beings us humans, thinking we have so much control!!