Tuesday 6 October 2009

Our present

Within each person, lies a unique genius. An essence that we were born to contribute to the planet.

Some forget that role. Some fear that they have forgotten it. And some fear that they have not done enough.

But what if you were already living that genius?

What if our own genius is ourselves?

The way we show up each day. The glint in our eyes. The sparkle in our ‘Hello!’. The love in our smile. The softness of our touch.

What if our genius is in the moment we feel lost? The moment we are filled with regret. The moment we doubt. The moment we despair. The moment we lose.

The moment we breathe.

What if everything is already perfect?

What if there is nothing to search for, because nothing is hidden?

What if we have already arrived in our perfection?

Good and bad are judgement calls. And any judgement can be both right or wrong. There are no guarantees.

The perfection lies within the present moment.

In this breath in is our genius.

In this breath out is our genius.

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