Thursday 22 October 2009

The Wealth Within

I have recently realised part of my purpose - in so far as I can recognise it! Drum roll please, the lady has woken up....!

Like so many others, I have read a lot of spiritual/self help books over the years, but somehow they always left me feeling a little hungry. It's a bit like (I imagine) using drugs to create a high, but being unable to repeat the experience without external stimulants. The books would help me connect to something richer and deeper within, but that feeling was temporary.

Unconsciously, I got fed up of looking outside myself to feel connected to something deeper, something more transcendent... I wanted to create that feeling within myself. I wanted to discover the hidden wealth of my own life: the joys; the insights; the connections; the beauty, harmony and synchronicity that runs through my own life.

That hunger sent me on a search: a search for myself I suppose, but a deeper experience of myself. We're so programmed to hurry, to create stress in our lives, to focus on what isn't working and to value external achievements over internal peace, that we miss the magic in the mundane moments, those transformational moments...

The point of this blog is, in essence, a search for my inner wealth, my inner connection; for my intimate connection to the magic in my own life. The reason it's a blog and not a diary is because I hope that when you touch on this blog, you touch into your wealth within...

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