Wednesday 28 October 2009

Delight creates light

Today I decided to change the tempo. The reason is simple: I have a very privilaged life and, just like everyone else, there are areas that I would like to improve. By focusing on just those areas, I lose sight of what adds zing to life - the small things that make us laugh, the things that used to thrill us when we were children.

So I have a challenge - do something that delights you today. It can be anything, it just needs to be simple and free.

So here's what I did - it's gloriously unremarkable but I couldn't stop laughing... I danced to Christmas songs whilst wearing my pink washing up gloves and cleaning the kitchen! And, to share the delight I'm going to post 'I love you' post-its across the front door for Dirk!

We are programmed by society to focus on life's problems and challenges. Stepping outside our normal thinking refreshes and renews us. And the after-glow lasts longer than you think; I'll never look at those gloves in the same way again!

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