Thursday 19 July 2012

40 days

They say that our thoughts create our lives.  Now that I am beginning to see my thoughts and desires manifest in quite short time frames, I understand this principle a little more. 

But what to do with all the negative thoughts?  This issue has been at the foremost of my personal development agenda over the past few months.  I have used various tools, including ACT and Byron Katie's The Work.
They have given me considerable relief, but there is more that needs to be done.  It is as though negative thoughts are insidious worms that hide in the folds of my mind and wiggle to the fore when I least expect them.

I am now doing a 40 day programme which entails noticing every negative thought I think and every negative word I speak and surrendering them to Source to bless.  It is said that at the end of the 40 days, the negativity within us is transformed and released, and that we emerge from the process at a higher vibration.  The 40 days ends on 25th August, so I will let you know if I emerge sparkling clean!

As an aside, I realise that for many of the five readers of my blog, the content of my blog has taken a bit of a turn.  It has moved from a sprinkling of spiritual to a dollop of divine (ouch, that was a bad alliteration!) but I think this is part of my growth.  Spirituality, the divine essence of who we are, has almost mattered enormously to me and now it feels as though that is flowering in a new and dynamic way.  It remanins to be seen how it evolves, but I do hope you stay along for the journey.

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