Thursday 19 July 2012


For years I have read about the Ascension process, and how human beings are evolving spiritually.  I have read about it and I have felt like I am outside the process.  Not any more.  The last Archangel visit seems to have shifted my life into high gear. 

I now feel alive and buzzing, for no reason at all.  I am excited.  The small miracles that so many of my teachers talk about now abound in my life: the bus arrives, the rain stops when I asked for it to stop, I need a rubbish bin and a road sweeper arrives and takes the rubbish I had. 

These may be small and inconsequential to the outsider, but for me, their value is beyond measure.  They indicate that I am coming into my flow, that I am mastering my thoughts, and that I am holding a higher vibration.  I am becoming the Alchemist of my own life.

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