Monday 9 July 2012

The Archangels' Visit

I'm hosting another Archangel visit.  Five Archangels arrive this evening at 9pm for a five day stay. 

I feel it in my waters, this summer is a summer of change for me.  How, remains to be seen, but I sense the energy changing.  I want to do more work with angels, and the idea came to me to host the five Archangels for another visit.  A good idea, but who would I send them on to when I finished? 

As soon as I asked the question, I thought of one of my brothers.  No, he wasn't in the right space at the moment.  Just then I noticed a message from another brother, Peter.  Of course!  He was the obvious choice - when I asked, he agreed.

Given that the idea and the follow-on host arrived effortlessly within a five minute period, I am convinced that they wish to come.  They are coming for a reason, a purpose that I do not understand yet, but when the heavens ask to intercede in my life, I am not going to turn them away.

The last time I did this, Dirk started out as a sceptic but somehow, he wanted to participate in the closing rituals.  This time, Dirk wants to be here when they arrive, despite all his teasing.  I rest my case!

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