Wednesday 25 July 2012

The balance of being

I did a meditation yesterday. No great surprise there!  What was different was that unlike other meditations that leave me with a nice buzzy feeling, this meditation brought a profound insight that I'd like to share.

During the meditation, I lost my body.  It faded away and I was left with pure consciousness.  I had my awareness, my thoughts, but nothing else.  I was hovering above water and, being so used to having a body, I automatically went over to a rock to sit down. 

When I got to the rock, I realised that, of course, I couldn't sit down.  I had no body.  I could not do anything.  Consciousness is all about being.  It is not about doing anything.

They say there is a reason that we are called human beings, and not human doings.  I never fully understood that before, not until I was denied the simple pleasure of sitting.  I took it for granted, my body.  I couldn't imagine life, or consciousness, without a body. 

Yet, as with all things in life, our greatest weakness is often our greatest strength with the volume turned up too loud.  It is our doing, excessive doing, thoughtless doing, careless doing, that is our undoing that has created so many of the problems we human beings now face.

Our doing is out of balance with our being.  We are preferencing our human side over our divine side; but balance is of fundamental importance in our spiritual path.  At this point in time, it is equally important for our planet's survival. 

The dance between doing and being is subtle.  Allowing ourselves the time to listen to our intuition, to do what we know is right, not just what is convenient would serve not only spiritual development, it would also be a meaningful act of service, a gift to our brothers and sisters with whom we share this planet.

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