Thursday 26 July 2012

The veil is melting

Since the Archangels' visit, my life is transforming at a very rapid pace.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to write books on spirituality and daily lives.  I've written - or half written - many books over the years. 

The miracle is that a collection of my stories may now be published.  I went to tell a friend and, out of no where, a butterfly flew past me.  We were indoors at the time and even my friend noticed that this butterfly had literally come from no where.

Last night, I was reading about Mother Mary, when I noticed an enormous pink 'light' in the sky.  Anyone who lives in London may remember that three years ago there were photos of an unexplained, large pink light appearing in the London sky on the front page of London's free Metro newspaper.  I saw that pink light - an angel of love - and now it is back, to hold a vibration of love around the Olympics I imagine. 

I doubted my eyes, however, thinking it may be a trick of the light, so I prayed for a sign.  When I looked up next, the clouds had formed a woman's lips smiling with a face hidden by a lacy veil.  A feeling of awe swept through me.  I had just read of such images of Mother Mary appearing, but it's not my normal experience, yet life since the Archangels' visit has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The veil between soul and 'self' is thinning.  And this is not just for me.  This goes for all of humanity, as we are all progressing on this path together, in our own unique ways.

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