Monday 16 July 2012

Monday morning

Monday morning.  Life has returned to normal.  It looks the same as always: dirty nappy, dust, wash, clean, hoover, cook...  Not even the sun is shining.

But something has happened.  For the second morning in a row, I have awoken feeling as though I am new.  That is the only way to describe how I feel.  I feel new.  Shiny.  Full of life.  Optimistic.  Blessed.  Light.

The Archangels really were here.  They have transformed me from the inside out.  Nothing has changed outside, and yet I can not shake the feeling that I am new, that I am fresh, that I am reborn to life.

The jadedness that has shadowed me for the last few years is gone.  I feel like I used to feel long ago vibrant... Alive.

With thanks for this wonderful gift.  And, I found a photo of orbs as well!  It's the lilac orb rising up above the candle flame.

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