Monday 16 July 2012

Archangels visit - Day 5

The last day.  It's funny how temperamental I am.  I had an amazing experience yesterday morning, where I was touched by angels, and this morning I felt as though nothing has happened this week.  Humans!

I was very sad to at the closing ceremony, like the low after a wonderful party, when life cannot possibly feel as bright and shiny as it did during the party.  I wondered how much I had imagined.

I searched the photos of my altar to see if I had taken any photos of orbs, but I couldn't see any.*  I had to remind myself that I had seen many orbs with my physical eyes just before and after the ceremony on Day 1, so definitely they were here.  I found five incredibly beautiful white feathers while out on a walk with James, a physical sign that they are always with me. 

It's easy to believe we are alone, or even unnoticed by the divine, but that is never the case.  That is the drama of the ego, who feeds on doom and disaster, even if it's not real.

Long before this retreat began, stretching right back into my childhood, I have been touched by Source and by the angels, over and over again.  I saw my first angel when I went to see my brother Peter in hospital, just after he was born.  They have woven in and out of my life ever since, and they weave through all our lives daily, we just fail to notice them.

We are all cradled in their wings: all that is asked is that we reach out to them, that we ask for a relationship with them.  Once we do that, there are no limits to the intimacy and depth of that relationship, to the help and support that they can provide; from the most mundane needs to most majestic human visions, they are waiting to help and support us.

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