Monday 2 November 2009

Natural balance

We're just back from a weekend away where we did a lot of walking in the forests. As a city dweller, I forget how powerful it is to be out in nature.

As we walked, I could feel my body become lighter... The accumulated stresses and frustrations of city living seemed to melt among the trees and leaves.

There is no doubt that city living is a particular art form. It does require us to dig deeper, to consciously find the best of who we are, otherwise we become numb. We can lose our humanity in the speed, ignorance and anonymity of city life. It can be soul destroying.

I think we take city living for granted and often forget to rebalance ourselves.

Whether it's flowers or a plant, leaves from the ground or acorns… Simple connections to powerful life essences can help us reconnect with our innate sense of light, space and balance…

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