Wednesday 16 December 2009

Beyond complexity is simplicity

At its essence, I believe, that God is simplicity itself.

Indeed, life is simple. We create vast, sprawling dramas out of our lives, possibly because living a simple life is so much harder. It's easier to excuse in-action and over-action by reflecting on others and their roles in our lives: it's an easy distraction from taking authorship of our own lives.

And what if the nugget, the simple kernal of all truth, is this:
Keep it simple, sunshine!

Just be yourself.

Seek what brings you joy and delight - that feeling when your soul dances freely.

Be kind to yourselves.

Be kind to others.

Speak kindly - focus on the good, the light, the beauty.

Bless freely - water, food, trees, other motorists, snowstorms, droughts...

And always keep it simple. The essence of us is the essence of God. The simpler, more honest and more authentic we can be, the closer to God we are.

Simple may not be easy, but being simple is an act of quality, of craftmanship, of beauty. Its integrity inspires all around you.

Simple. Simple.. Simple...

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