Wednesday 9 December 2009

Coming full circle

Well, it is a month since I began my Law of Attraction experiment.

I wanted to find out how we shape our lives, how our thoughts affect our realities, how some things arrive in our lives and other things never show up…

So what have I discovered? And what's my proof?

I am utterly convinced that the Law of Attraction is how we create our lives. For most of my life I've been doing this unconsciously. While I have a pretty positive disposition, I haven't actively monitored my thoughts and my feelings.

I now realise that my emotions and thoughts are linked in a manner that is more subtle and more powerful than I ever imagined. As money touches on our sense of self, freedom, inner worth and inner power, it's a great subject to explore.

For example, it's not enough to say, 'I want more money' but to live the thought and feeling of lack, of 'I can't afford that' every day.

Every desire is positively and negatively charged. Money can be 'I want more money and I love having what I have' (positively charged) or 'I want more money, and there's never enough money' (negatively charged). Holding the positively charged thought helps us align with financial abundance… And I’m aligning so I know it’s coming!

Discovering this and becoming aware of these patterns in my own life has been the equivalent of a mental spring clean. I now realise that by focusing on an annoying physical condition I have perpetuated that condition long beyond its 'sell by' date! It may take time, but I now understand that by seeing and feeling myself as a 100% healthy person, I will rebalance that condition.

If I can 'be it', I can 'have it'. We have to start with being, with feeling, before the physical manifestations appear.

In essence, I believe that the Law of Attraction can be summed up like this: Live every moment you are living with pleasure, acceptance and love. Go with the flow of your own life, as it will bring your ever greater opportunities and joy when you start with feeling joy right now.

Even if it's not what you'd choose, accept it as much as you can. Use the moments that you don't like to show you clearly what you would like. And then imagine the joy of living that experience. And in the meantime, between thought and 'reality', keep accepting with an open heart, keep loving with an open heart and keep enjoying with an open heart.

The best is yet to come...

My proof it works

The biggest proof has to be that I am now starting a company with friend. I could have just been a consultant but he wants to make me a full partner. This has me so excited! More about that as soon as we have our website up and running in the next few weeks...

My relationship has improved in all ways. And, as I've said before, that's quite an achievement for newlyweds! Well, it's almost 8 months now - how time flies!

My body is getting better: stronger, leaner, more balanced... and I know that I'm going to resolve the little niggles sooner rather than later.

I had a wonderful episode at home in Cork. As in any family, there are dynamics... I often feel that my brothers (except David!) leave the housework to me. And I resented it - a lot. Having decided to reframe the situation, to accept it as it is, the situation turned on it's head: I chose to do the housework to make things easier for mum, so that gave me pleasure. End of story. What I couldn't have guessed is that my brothers would start helping me the one time I didn't expect or anticipate help!

Nothing I can say can compare with feeling that you are fully alive, engaged and living the life of your dreams. You have to live to really feel it! I’m going to be playing with this for a long time to come. Debbie and I are doing this together and we’re having such fun seeing what unexpected joys and gifts turn up each day! If you fancy joining in the conscious creation game, I’d love to play with you too!

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