Thursday 10 December 2009

Loving Living Life

Jane wrote to me this morning with the idea for this blog. And it's stunning in it's simplicity... Love living life.

How often do we make life more complicated than it is? We borrow fears from the future because – irrationally – we don't trust that, just as we have survived and thrived in the past, we can continue to do so. We borrow sadness from the past, because... well, does it matter why?

How often are we simply loving life? Looking at the colour of the sky? Thanking the birds for their song? Admiring the teen who gives up their seat on the bus? Thanking the sun for shining, the rain for falling, loving the train arriving on time...

There is so much beauty, joy and wisdom in the smallest moments of life. And it is only ever found in the present; by appreciating this very moment. This moment as I type and reach out to you with a full and open heart to share my joy of life with your joy of life...

Life is simple in its beauty, elegance and grace. Yet we humans have a tendency to walk in the opposite direction of life's natural flow. We fight what is, rather than accepting it, opening to it and allowing the present moment to be; in all its splendour and richness, whether 'good' or 'bad', it is where we are. We cannot be elsewhere. It's that simple.

There's immense power in living in the present, in accepting the present: in loving living life.

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