Friday 11 December 2009

simple spirit

This morning I awoke in a lot of pain. I have now learnt enough to know that pain indicates I'm out of alignment; in some way I am not entirely congruent, I'm pushing upstream instead of floating downstream. So I wrote a letter to angels, asking specific questions. Then I set my pen against a clean sheet of paper and waited for the reply...

I'm including some excerpts from the reply because I believe they are true for us all.

"Dear Jennifer,

We strongly urge you not to feel fear as this dilutes your essence. You are taken care of and we have heard your prayers. Trust that everything is in place - that the present is perfect.

The more you honour this moment, the greater alignment you model on this planet and beyond.

So allow yourself ease. Take your time. Your vibration is the most important tool you have. Resounding as clearly and as strongly as you can will make all the difference.

There is nothing to fear - we are constantly with you and guiding every step of the way. Surrender any difficulties to us, ask that they be resolved for the highest good of all and they will be.

Bless everyone and everything as this multiplies your strength.

You are blessed. There is nothing to fear and everything to rejoice upon. So allow us to flow through you and you will live your Heaven on Earth."

The pain is gone! But the simplicity of the message lives on.

We are perfect. The essence of each one of us is like a note in a symphony. When we do what we love, when we live in peace, joy and integrity, our note becomes clearer, lighter, deeper. The sheer beauty of each individual note, joyfully played, inspires all the other members of the symphony to play their most beautiful note.

It is so simple.

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