Monday 21 December 2009

Looking back...from the inside out

The end of the year approaches... I didn't create a vision for this year, so it may be a little challenging to see how I have developed... but I still think it is worthwhile to review my year. Who have I become this year? And how do I feel about 'her'?

And we are on the very cusp of a new decade... which begs the question, who will I become in this next decade? I'll be 50 by the end of this decade - a thought that really shocks me!

But more to the point, who have I become in the past decade? It is fair to say that the millenium shook my life inside out. I have been turned inside out, and then outside in, over the past decade. If I were to meet 1999 Jennifer, she wouldn't recognise me. She seems so meek, so gentle... almost as though she's in hibernation, innocent and well intentioned, open and loving... as I look back back at her.

That does beg yet another question! Who do I think I am now? At the most superficial level, I feel as though I stand in my shoes with greater vision, power and self awareness. I have grown into myself. As I move into my forties this year, I do so with a sense of freedom and confidence that are the exquisite fruit of a lifetime's experience.

And you? If you allow your mind to float back over the past decade, who have you become? See what a transformative decade this has been for us all! Do take time to honour what has passed through your experience... to celebrate who you have become... we are our own works of art.

I believe that our lives are our legacy, so what shall we bequeath the coming decade?

And how can we have the most fun possible doing that!!

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