Thursday 17 December 2009

Living in balance

Starting a business is an interesting challenge. It's a very creative, high-energy process. It's also intensive and demanding.

The challenge for me is, ‘how do I perform all the tasks I need to and yet stay centred, balanced, light and joyful?’ The temptation to go overboard is there. Or should I say, here!

Yesterday I had an insight. What is my priority in my work? Is it to be busy, stressed, efficient… in short, a good 'worker'?

Scandalous though it may seem to some, I answer a resounding 'No'. I am very clear: my number one priority is to maintain a sense of balance, peace and joy. If I focus on that, everything else at work will flow. And here's the funny thing - so far it has!

I am not putting 'getting the jobs done' at the top of my list. I've put 'feeling consistently great' at the top of the list. And every time I feel myself dip, I stop and take time out, either to read something inspiring, to breathe or simply to become still again. Rebalancing myself quickly and easily is getting easier! And the jobs are getting done.

Who we are is far more important than what we do. If our doing flows from our being, it is in deep harmony with us – then it is effortless and graceful. And full of wonderful synchronicities!

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