Wednesday 11 November 2009

Consciously being, consciously creating

As I sat on the Tube yesterday I overheard a teenager complaining to her friend. She didn't like her Blackberry.
"If they'd given me a choice, I would have chosen the black one. I would never have gone for the silver one. But you get what you're given."

The words leapt out at me: You get what you're given.

"No!" I wanted to cry. That's not true at all.

As society has progressed over the millennia, our understanding of the world around us has increased. That is also due to our increased ability to understand more complex and subtle ideas. This is achieved, in part, through the bit-by-bit incremental growth in our understanding and, in part, through our increased consciousness.

As we have progressed, so to has our understanding of physics, of psychology, of consciousness and of Theology, and our understanding of our place and role within the universe has also evolved.

I grew up believing that I was imperfect and highly flawed. My success was hit or miss. It wasn't even dependent on how hard I worked or how smart I was. It was based on the whim of an apparently random God. If I pleased Him, I succeeded. If I didn't, I failed. Over the years, it appeared - judging by my success rate - that I wasn't pleasing Him so much. I felt like a solitary rowing boat being thrown about by a ocean storm.

That is not what I will teach my children. Humanity's understanding of our relationship with God has taken a radical leap over the past 20 years. In Ireland this means that we no longer go to Mass and ask someone else, namely the priest, to talk to God on our behalf. We have a one-to-one relationship with God.

Our relationship with the Divine is evolving from the status of powerless children to co-creative young people. We no longer see ourselves as separate from the Divine, we are part of the Divine, the field of universal consciousness, the Zero-point Field.

We are at the forefront of creation. We stand at the point where thought can become matter: where our observations create our reality. We have always been creating our reality, but we have not had the luxury of consciously creating that reality. Of understanding that what we think creates what we get and being able to channel that into creating lives that are rich and meaningful, societies that are rich and meaningful, even nations that are rich and meaningful.

Understanding that our thoughts are creating our daily lives and loves is a quantum step forward in humanities understanding of All That Is. It is the evolutionary step that brought mammals from the sea to the land; it is the evolutionary step that encourages us to actively choose what we wish to create in our lives by thinking about that and feeling the joy of that creation, even before it is manifest.

For some this feels too big a step, and they may prefer to wait a little longer in the water to see if such an evolutionary step is truly possible. For others, like me, this proposition - that I am an off-shoot of the Divine and, as such, I consciously or unconsciously create my reality - answers the unasked questions that gnawed at the back of my mind. I can never go back. I choose to embrace a vision of a world where I get to live up the challenge of being a spark of the Divine, learn about my ability to consciously create, and go on all the adventures that I attract to myself on this journey.

This is not an abandonment of God. This is an expansion of the concept of Divinity - one that embraces us as a part of the ineffable Divine. The potency and love of this understanding is so vast that our human hearts are not big enough to contain it, human minds fumble to understand it, but the humans' spirit soar to meet it, to embrace it, to live it.

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