Sunday 29 November 2009

My Joy List

Since reading Abraham-Hicks I've become acutely aware of my thoughts and feelings. And I can honestly say that in just over two weeks, I feel like a new person. Every aspect of my life is now changing visibly.

My relationship with Dirk is a source of even greater joy (and that's no mean achievement for newly weds!); my work is really starting to take off; and I've developed the confidence to launch myself as a coach/consultant.

And I believe it's going to get EVEN better! The key to it all is keeping that sense of delight, excitement and anticipation alive and bubbling quietly in my veins.

I now find it easier to notice when I feel 'normal' as opposed to when I feel a light 'buzzing' feeling; and the more we stay with that buzzing feeling, where we're feeling energised and alive, the easier it is to attract better experiences.

So to shift myself from 'feeling normal' to feeling 'buzzing'(!) I've developed a list of thoughts that immediately lift me up. I share them below in case they trigger inspirational thoughts that set you on fire!

The feeling I had after swimming with wild dolphins and sting rays
The laughter of a small baby on a baby-milk ad at the moment
My brother Luke's bellylaugh when he was a toddler
The 'high' I got from Inspirational Insight, when I had an idea I knew was a great idea
Laughing after those 12 hugs!

There are others, but I start with those few ideas and build from there...

In another two weeks, who knows what will have happened! I'll let you know because I am so convinced that our thoughts and emotions are the keys to the life of our dreams that I'm determined to prove it's true in order to inspire others to make their dreams come true.

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