Friday 27 November 2009

Hanging in there

It is my deepest belief that each and every person is a star in their own right. The light we shine forth lights up the world of those around us. Even on the days that we are convinced we have no light left.

Over the past six months I have had days (as you may know!) when I felt I couldn't move from the couch. When I felt that nothing in life would change and I was flat and empty: powerless to change anything myself.

I did believe (in an abstract way) that things would get better... but it was a distant thought. Mostly my mind was numb on those days.

On such days, there's not always a lot we can do to change the situation. The only thing we may have any vague control over is how we feel. So I gave up watching the news and I started watching comedies on TV. Laughing helped!

The other thing that helped was thinking of good things when I could muster the energy. Even if only for 5 minutes.

If you’re feeling pummelled by life at the moment, two things jump out at me.

First, this is a moment in time when the energy is shifting massively on the planet. That is creating what feels like emotional whip-lash for many sensitive people. As this process softens and the energy finds its balance, there will be a realignment that will open up new opportunities and greater balance than before.

Second, to make the most of this new opportunity - where conscious creation will be much easier - we are being advised to visualise what we truly want to create in our lives.

Start with anything that resonates with you: an emotion you'd like to feel; a event you'd like to experience; a object you'd like to have... even one thought about something that you choose for yourself starts you on a positive track. It increases your energy and feel-good factor.

Next, think about Why you choose that: ‘what will it give you?’ This process is the equivalent of creating an etheric foundation for your visualisation. It gives it body and shape: it makes it Attractive...

If you can do this even once a day (68 seconds is all it takes), it will begin to change the way you feel. The more you can think of things you would like, the stronger the feel-good effect in the present moment and the stronger the Attraction point is for manifesting your wish.

This is a small example: "I want to have the dinner made for me."

Why? "Because I love the feeling of being cared for that I get when someone looks after me; because it means I can sit here for longer on the sofa watching comedies; because Dirk makes better salads than I do and I love his flavours. And if he made dinner, he may treat me and do the washing up too, and I know I’ll feel really, really cherished then!"

It need only be a small example... finding something, anything at all, that we would like and exploring why it would make us feel good creates a good feeling.

And that may lead to another feel-good thought.

And maybe even another good-feeling thought!

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