Tuesday 17 November 2009

Creating Heaven on Earth

Does that sound far-fetched?! Excellent!

As I've been saying for some time now, we have the power to transform our lives by altering how we perceive our day-to-day events. We have good experiences, we feel good. We have bad experiences, we feel bad. This leaves us hostage to our experiences and robs us of control of our own experiences.

The purpose of From Mud To Miracles is to shift the way we perceive the bad experiences, so that we don't feel bad about them but use them as fuel to discover how we can feel even better about our lives. We can find the pearl within the seemingly negative experiences, the seam of gold that runs through their rock-hard exterior.

According to Abraham-Hicks (my current reading 'must have'!), when we feel good we bring ourselves into alignment with a Vortex filled with every joyful desire for improvement that we have ever had.

Feeling 'bad' holds these joyful delights at a distance from us. Because they spring from a part of us that says 'Better please', they vibrate at a rate that is 'better' or higher than the vibration rate of the event/thing that caused us to desire something 'better'. Please!

Our challenge is to increase our vibration rate until we resonate at that ‘higher’ vibration rate. It’s back to the radio wavelength analogy used in the previous posting.

By becoming aware of when we are feeling down, in whatever way, we open the door to feeling better. We can then reach for any thought that makes us feel better. And better isn't necessarily about going from apathy to joy in one jump. That’s too big a stretch. Apathy to anger is already an improvement; anger to revenge is an improvement; revenge to pettiness is an improvement; pettiness to hope and so on...

Once we feel better, we open ourselves up to having better experiences, to having more fun. Believe it or not, someone actually got up and offered me their seat on the Tube the other day! How amazing is that?!

As I'm learning to shift my energy consciously so that I feel better more of the time, I'm noticing how little things are getting better in my life. I’ve also remembered that I’ve created better outcomes for myself by doing this in the past. The key is being able to sustain a more positive outlook.

In order to keep my momentum going, I've developed a journal for myself. If you're interested in playing with that format and using it for yourself, check out my next posting.

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