Tuesday 10 November 2009

Learning to think

It's getting very exciting now... I realised talking to a friend last night that I am leaving the 'old me' behind. I'm moving into a space where I choose to consciously create my life and I finally have the tools to do it.

I believe that we are all little sparks of the divine; that we are an intrinsic part of the divine and therefore we hold within us the power and the essence of the divine. For me, this means that our birthright, our natural flow, is one of abundance, grace, love and joy. We can constantly use this divine spark to create our lives. Too frequently we end up creating what we don’t want to experience rather than what we do want to experience.

Life and the many 'lessons' we has moulded us into damp versions of who we truly are. We have learnt to think in a way that focuses on problems not solutions; on pain not joy; on effort not serendipity.

We are taught to constrict our natural creative flow rather than to expand our ability to co-create. Consequently, if we focus on problems, we get more problems; if we focus on solutions, we get more solutions. Like attracts like: the Law of Attraction.

So my first challenge is to learn to focus on the positive, on the solutions. I may not know all the solutions, but I do know how I feel when things work out for me.

As I mentioned yesterday, the key is to become aware each time I'm feeling bad that I'm focusing on a problem and closing myself down. Our feelings have been likened to a GPS system – they point out to us when we’re travelling towards our true selves (when we’re vibrant, joyful, happy and loving) and when we’re heading towards our ‘damp’ selves (when we’re feeling fearful and anxious). Our emotions are our internal guidance system that can lead us to the very best of who we are, that expression of ourselves where we feel most alive, most luminous.

The way to turn negative feelings around is to remember that each negative thought is a thought of absence and in a world of opposites, underneath that negative thought is a positive thought: something I would like to have/be/do.

Step 1 Notice that I'm feeling bad
Step 2 Notice the thought of lack that's fuelling that
Step 3 What does this thought tell me about what I do want?
Step 4 Why do I want that? What will it give me?

According to Abraham-Hicks, when we focus on what we want we tap into our positive, creative energy. We begin to engage the Law of Attraction.

When we focus on why we want it, we turbo-charge the Law of Attraction. Be begin attracting it towards us. Everything (that I would like) already exists, so it is simply a question of raising my vibration to the point where I vibrate at the same rate as my desires, then it has to come to me.

The idea itself is elegant and simple. The implementation of it at this stage is like learning to walk - a lot of conscious effort combined with the exhilarating thought of freedom!

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