Thursday 19 November 2009

Inspiration is your soul's whisper

Inspiration is our soul’s whisper, reminding us of our own greatness and our – as yet - unexpressed potential. It is a gentle nudge that encourages us by showing us who we can become, the talents and skills that we can step into in order to feel that we are truly alive, soaring with exhilaration rather than simply ‘getting by’.

Its role is to reveal more of who we are to us, at moments when we are open and ready to take the next step.

It's appearance is subtle; in a quiet, delicate manner it whispers in our ear, reminding us of who we can be, if we will but step forth and explore the path it's lighting for us. It's as though a veil falls from before our eyes, offering us just a glimpse… a detail… an idea that we have not been able to discern before suddenly appears and makes complete sense.

It can seem as though Inspiration does not arrive with a manual, but that is not entirely true. Its ‘How To’ guide is as enigmatic as Inspiration itself. Once we step on its path, it gently suggests new ideas, new ways of being, new paths, new connections…

If we take up its invitation, then Inspiration walks alongside us on our journey, bringing us new insights – each one building on the last – with impeccable timing (regardless of what we think of its timing!).

Yet much like a bird in our hands, we cannot grasp too tightly for we will suffocate it, nor can we open our grasp entirely, for we will loose sight of it and it will dissolve. In keeping with its enigmatic nature, it speaks to us at moments when our minds are misted, when we are day-dreaming, meditating… moments when our minds have expanded, loose and supple…

When Inspiration visits, it offers us an invitation… a glimpse of who we can become to magnify and more fully embody who we already are. And if we choose to dance with Inspiration, it will dance with us, gently guiding our steps.

What is your Inspiration whispering to you?
Who could you become if you were to follow your soul’s hunches?

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