Tuesday 17 November 2009

"Bringing the Sparkle to Daily Life " Journal

I've made a decision to keep a journal for a month. It only takes 28 days to learn a new skill, so after a month, I hope I'll be a dab-hand at shifting myself into appreciation and joy, quickly and easily. It's a lofty vision, but there's nothing quite like aiming high!

So here is the journal format I'm using. If it helps you, do let me know as I'd get a real thrill out of knowing I'd helped someone with all of my ramblings!

The journal is very simple: it has two sections.

The first section is Appreciative Noticing (I might need to think of a better term, that doesn't really trip off the lips!). In this section I write down everything that I notice that is getting better. Anything at all, no matter how large or how small; I take every good thing that happens to me as fuel for my 'feeling better'.

I also note down everything that I appreciate, that makes me glad, that brings a smile to my lips or joy to my heart. It may even be things that don't directly touch me, but if they lift my spirits, then I note them down too. I aim to write a list of 10-20 Appreciative Noticings every morning and it takes about 5 minutes.

The principle is that as I recall the good things, I charge my mind with positive thoughts and I start my day with a positive, appreciative outlook.

The outcome that I've noticed is that it has had an immediate impact on the people around me: people around me have become more helpful and cheerful recently. How great is that?!

The second section is called 8 Impossibly Wonderful Things. Here I dream up 8 wonderful events, experiences or things that currently seem 'impossible' for me to be do or have. The reason for 8 is because it's the universal number of abundance (it's an infinity loop on its side!).

The principle is that by freeing our imagination beyond what we consider to be possible, we open up a plethora of new possibilities and opportunities. We sow seeds of delightful wonders that we would like to receive.

The outcome is that I've had a lot of fun creating whacky ways of experiencing wonderful things. I'll let you know when I have concrete proof that this works - because I'm convinced that it will!

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