Wednesday 4 November 2009

The A-Ha is A-Here

Alright, so that's a pretty bad title, I'll grant you that! But what it signifies is tremendous: it wasn't a lightbulb that went on so much as a bolt of lightening that struck me. I think I can now officially hang up my blogging hat as I have found my Nirvana.

As I've said many times, I've been searching for understanding about how we realign with who we really, truly are; how we can manifest the lives we dream of; and why, of why, is it that those dreams always seem so elusive and so unattainable.

Well, clearly all that thinking did attract the answer. I spent yesterday reading the clearest, most succinct description of how to realign with our the greatest version of ourselves, how to manifest everything we would like and then some, and why it hasn't worked up to now.

The book is called Ask and it is Given by Abraham-Hicks.

I cannot recommend it enough: I've read a lot of books on this subject but this is truly the clearest of all the books I have read. It was one lightbulb moment after another for me.

Some of the things I learnt include:

When visioning what I'd like to have in my life, it's important to start with the next step up, not a vision of something that is very far removed from my current reality and hard to attain, and build up from the present reality.

As I suspected, life is about joy. The more joy the better. Follow your bliss is key to having a great life. And manifesting!

17 seconds is all it takes to begin magnetising yourself with the object, experience or feeling you wish to create

Holding that thought for 68 seconds slots begins to transform any thought into your dominant thought pattern... anyone else out there have some dominant thought patterns they could do with changing!?

So, now I just need to do go do it! I'm starting small, having identified what I love in my current life; the freedom to work/rest/play when I want to; the sunlight in our flat; the garden; and the amount of fun we have together... I know there are some experiences that would make our lives even more fun and would help our lives flow even more gracefully: a home of our own, a baby, more work that I love doing...

The trick appears to be hold our emotions with as much joy and appreciation as we can. If I'm feeling down, I'm closing down the channels of attraction (like attracts like). So I know I'm on course if I feel good and I know I need to readjust if I feel less good. That’s a simplified version of what to do… more details to follow!

And… if it tickles you, I invite you to try it for yourself.

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